Part 1

Cyber Awareness Culture

Cybersecurity can be a hard subject to understand and digest. In Part 1 we examine why education, training and awareness of staff is so important. Exploring the impact of the bank of Bangladesh heist, which resulted in 1bm attempted bank heist, and how the failure of effectively educating staff led to a USD 80m loss.

A culture of cybersafe behaviour together with fundamental cybersecurity skills and awareness throughout your organisation are key to reducing the attack surface and the number of incidents you have to deal with.

Security awareness resources

Further resources available to help you and your business understand security awareness and how it fits into today’s cyber security landscape.

Threat intelligence

How to build a better cyber-aware culture at work

Threat intelligence

Now we’re all working from home, we need to become more cybersecurity aware

Threat intelligence

Cybersecurity champions could be your secret weapon in raising employee cyber-awareness

Threat intelligence

Industrial cyberattacks are on the rise. Technology and your people can stop them.

Threat intelligence

Young women may be the answer to cybersecurity’s skills gap

Threat intelligence

If your cybersecurity training isn’t changing employee behavior, here’s what to do

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